Digital Media

Containing nearly 100,000 pieces of content, the PMP is your one-stop-shop for public media.

Expanding Audiences

Expand the reach of your content by digitally distributing to other organizations.

Increase Findability

Find more topical content by searching across multiple publishers.

Built to Scale

Share infrastructure costs by using a cloud architecture built to scale for the future.

Formed by the country’s leading public media organizations, the Public Media Platform (PMP) uses Hypermedia API technology to distribute digital content (audio, video, text, and images) from multiple public media entities across a variety of web and mobile platforms. This groundbreaking collaboration provides the industry’s first ever cross-media digital distribution system, with the ultimate goal of bringing public media to a larger audience.  The PMP makes it easier for viewers, listeners and website/mobile users to find and interact with the news, cultural, and educational content produced by public media.

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The PMP was founded by American Public Media, NPR, PBS, PRI and PRX – with financial support from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.

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